cake update…

Would you like to know how to make this? Really? Ok~ I will post that part tomorrow. Today is dirty cake day. Well, the dirt on why I made the cake. See~ cooking and baking is what I have always done to escape reality it began when I was 8 or 9 with reading cookbooks,I loved the pictures and I imagined the happy homes in which the food was served.  I loved to read my mom’s fanny farmer cookbook descriptions:“An airy yellow cake, light in texture, sweet in taste” This was also the same time my mom was attacked and left for dead and the same time my dad moved out. My mom survived, but you know that if ya follow my site. Anyway, you also know I am a step-mama, too. Well, recently her mother relapsed once more on crack . This seems tohappens every year at this time. Crack must be in peak season, or something. I remember this because it’s always around fair time and my birthday. Anyway, my stepdaughter is 8 now, so… she kind knows when her mama doesn’t come every other weekend what’s going on. So, I have been talking with her every night and at every request; remembering all too well being somewhat in her shoes. So, to deal with my turmoil and anger I have for this woman thing that is her mother- I baked a Pollyanna cake. No, it didn’t come out EXACTLY like the movie, I think I need taller cake pans…hmmm. Well, thanks for hearing me out. To reward you I will show ya how to make this “almost ” Pollyanna cake. Love, MK

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