the stuffing I am not going to make

Yes, you read the title right.

I am so NOT making this stuffing this year.

I realize I am a bread stuffing girl.

NOT cornbread.

Maybe I haven’t had GOOD cornbread stuffing yet.

Because mine last year SUCKED.

It was dry, crumbly, gotta wash it down with some sort of liquid or you’ll choke.

Jeez, I am so glad I wasn’t hosting any great dignitaries last year.

I started with homemade cornbread.

Little did I know I was wasting my time.

I should have grabbed a box.

I added all this good stuff….

should have added more good broth.


I am sorry, I know you may have wanted a shiny new domestic mama recipe for stuffing.

I don’t have one.

I dug up one for this year… It will be an adaptation from my grandmother’s cookbook from the 1890s called “Select Recipes Of Georgia Housekeepers”

That’s gonna be good.

No cornbread.

Now, see? I mess up a lot in the kitchen.

And at Wal-mart.

You see, I was wearing a black shirt and a black and white polka dot skirt, and my black shoes broke in Walmart, and my hubby was hungry…and I couldn’t find any black shoes there…and…well, let’s just say hungry husbands just don’t understand.

So I got red shoes.

It worked.

….now I need a red purse.

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