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I have pickles for y’all. Reason number 3 hubby snatched me up, lol! I want to share them with you. Don’t be discouraged at canning, pickling, etc. It is so easy and fun. There is a special feeling that comes when you open your pantry to your own creations. It’s so cool. Promise. And, it REALLY isn’t that hard.  I’m excited to post them. I would do it now, but… it’s dinnertime and I haven’t uploaded the pics, yet. I am such a slacker. Speaking of slacking- I need to call my mama in law and get her jalepeno jelly recipie my hubby told me about….. 🙂

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  1. CANNING!! Last fall was my first time canning my best friend who lives across the road and i spent a few wkends doing nothing but canning locally grown tomatoes which we made juice/sauces/paste and all kinds of goodies out of 120pounds worth! tonight i just used my last can/jar of home made red sauce! We did well i reckon! I also canned over 100 pounds of green tomatoes as well no thanks to blight *GRUMBLE* But we canned and blanched so much stuff last summer/fall from our gardens as well! It truely is something to go and get goodies from your pantry and know u did that and saved your family some $$ as well! Cant wait to see your post darl!

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