sparking wine and glitter

citrus sparkler

Note: This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed are my own. This time of year, I tend to see random flecks of glitter…. everywhere. Be it that I have little girls, and nowadays it seems like all the clothing is embedded with glitter, and,  that every holiday card I get in the mail has glitter, and be it that most of my ornaments sparkle with… you guessed it: glitter. So: I’m not surprised when I glance in the mirror to fine glittery specks on my forehead. I’m convinced there is a glitter elf that sprinkles glitter on my […]

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cherry-almond biscotti and other hard things in life

cherry almond biscotti

Spell check does not like the word biscotti. It underlines it for me, in its bright red zig zag pattern, mocking my confidence in cookies. Like the  mother in law that still remembers the times you did not hold to her standards, spell check is there: saying “that is wrong”. Well, spellcheck, it’s right.   Biscotti. The cookie that feels so wrong as you make it. I mean, really: it goes against every typical cookie recipe, because you bake it, slice it and then bake it again… to the point where it’s a cookie rock. But that’s what your coffee […]

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Thanksgiving Heroes

This Thanksgiving, as we embrace the calm after the storm of the presidential election, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on the things we are thankful for; aside from the standard of the individual “inner circle” of blessings, it’s time to reflect on the other people and things we are thankful for. Especially now. Our country is in a state of division; although there was a time, many years ago that we were completely united, we clung to one another and cheered each other on. That wasn’t that long ago. We embraced the first responders, we embraced […]

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butter chicken and other adventures

butter chicken

  Butter Chicken~ (n) : A savory, spicy concoction of Indian spices in a creamy coconut sauce, that makes me wonder why it’s called butter chicken since there really is not that much butter in it to merit a word in the title of the recipe. Mmmmm, Butter Chicken. It took me close to ten years to introduce this to my husband. However: I  have  had “Butter Chicken” on my weekly-monthly-want-to-make list forever. Well, about ten years, but: who’s counting? Oh wait. Me. I’m counting. I’m counting a lot these days. Now, I am down to a count down. But: […]

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breakfast stir fry

breakfast noodles

 Breakfast stir fry, breakfast noodles (n)~ A savory concoction of bacon, spinach and a golden egg to keep you full, happy and nice all day… or at least past 10.   Days when you eat a decent breakfast are worth an extra dish in the sink.  Because, you never know when you might be stranded on the side of a highway waiting on a tow truck. Hungry because your breakfast biscuit and tea wore off thirty minutes after you ate….   and it’s no fun when breakfast  wears off and your hungry tummy makes you (ah-hem) mean. I know you’re not […]

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  There are days where it is a battle to maintain an outlook beyond what I can see. There are days when the glimmer of hope in the future is nothing but an ember smoldering on a candle on a birthday cake. A tiny orange hued speck representing the past years, slowly fading away with the stream of smoke vanishing before me. There are days when I am drawn away into the nothingness that the years seemed to have become. Vanishing. I have days when I am lost in the dark, and I struggle to blow it off, much like […]

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almond vanilla chip cookies

It’s been awhile. You deserve cookies. I am peering out from under my rock, finally getting back into the comfort of routine. As much as people complain about the staleness of routines, I embrace the comfort of the mundane, the blandness of the everyday norm. But, just because it’s the everyday, run of the mill routine; it doesn’t mean that it can’t be filled with sweetness and sprinkles. Or, vanilla chips and almond in this case. Sure, I like a little spice in my life. But, only in my food life- thank you. What’s a food life? Oh….. Another phrase […]

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NEW look

Recently, I have gotten  a shiny new look here, and over at The Domestic Mama, I hope you enjoy.You may also see that I have changes the name from “The Domestic Mama & The Village Cook” to “The Domestic Kitchen”. But, don’t worry, it’s just the name that’s changing! Comments are welcome 🙂

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homemade chocolates and control freaks

I admit it. I am a control freak. Not to the point where it’s my-way-or-the-highway, but to the point where if my husband asks me where the ketchup is; I just go get it. Or, how to do something… I just do it. Then he says, “You could have just told me.” There are numerous occasions where I could have just told, but instead I just did. WHY?! I have no idea. Is it to avoid frustration of explanation? I know the ketchup is in the fridge, but I don’t know exactly where, but I know I can find it […]

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Vacations…and other reasons to travel

 It’s almost officially spring which means warmer days, and with that comes longing for vacations and getaways…. and one of the most  perfect tropical getaways I know of is The Keys.  The Florida Keys is home to five districts, each with their own personality and attractions that make visitors feel like they are a world away. I’m lucky enough to live 90 minutes from the first key in the chain, Key Largo.  Key Largo is home to a plethora of things to do and food to eat, and it’s tropical vibe takes away the stress and hustle of the mainland. […]

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Chocolate mousse cups

Confession: I meant to post this last Spring. I could be considered very late; or very early for this Spring. Or Valentine’s day… yep, I’m right on time for Valentine’s day. Speaking of Valentines….

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DIY chai vanilla latte

There is something about a spicy chai that warms even the chilliest of days. Maybe its the rich aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, or maybe it’s the creamy swirl of frothy cream that creates that sweet velvety sip…. Or, maybe it’s just so cold that just about any hot beverage tastes amazing. I have a love/ hate relationship with coffee.  I know, there are people that claim coffee is the magic elixir of the day; I know that there are some people that couldn’t dream of going without…. for me, it’s different. You see, I go through tea periods, […]

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