low carb “sushi”

Okay,  it’s not really sushi. But, it looks like it, huh? And, ya know what? It’s pretty darn tasty. I didn’t think it would be at first… but I was delightfully surprised. Yay!

All it is is slices of ham spread with cream cheese and a bit of cucumber and/or bell pepper. Neat, huh? I saw this somewhere and filed it into my brain somewhere else…. now I finally got around to making it.

As far as the low carb thing goes? I personally am iffy on it. In my 14 years at the ol health food store, I saw lots of people lose weight on it- carbs in excess can make ya chub up if you don’t exert the calories consumed. But, in my opinion everything in moderation. We need carbs- zero carbs is no good. But- an occasional carb free lunch/breakfast/dinner isn’t all that bad. Just chose lean meats, and fresh vegetables.

This little “snack” is very filling and good if you want a quick bite. You can also use turkey- I just thought ham had a nice pink color in contrast to the white. (ahhh…food art)

they are kinda pretty.

Now – today I am hoping to make arepas. Yum. I think I need glasses, though. I can’t read dates on pennies anymore. Oh well- maybe I will get some funky colored contacts. That will be trippy. That is- IF I am able to stick something in my eye. That seems hard. Like breathing underwater. But- childbirth seemed hard, too. Oh wait it was hard. Maybe contacts will be easier? Or maybe I will just get some funky sparkly bright red 1950’s cat-eye glasses? They will match my car and lipstick. How cool will that be?! We will see. Need to make an appointment. 🙁 Wah. I think the only fun doctors appointment is the one when you get to find out the gender of your baby. Fun times.  🙂

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