hard boiled eggs with a soft center over hash browns

soft centered hard boiled egg over hash browns

peeled soft boiled eggs….

A while back I saw this picture that appeared to be a hard boiled egg with a fried egg yolk in the middle. Well, that image floated around in my head and I decided that I had to figure out how it’s done…

and, yes.. I know what a soft boiled egg is… but usually those are served in an egg cup with the shell intact, you know? So,ย  with no shell intact, I began to ponder….

Has that ever happened to you? I get these “foodie” obsessions.

So, after MUCH google-ing…. I figured it out.

Some people call them four-minute eggs, some people call them six minute eggs. And, you have to move quick if you’re going to snap a pic of its golden goodness.

Because, there’s no turning back once you cut into the butteryย  yolk…

So divine. And simple.

To make these:

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.

Place desired number of eggs into boiling water.

BOIL EXACTLY FOUR MINUTES!!! (or six, but I went for four) *many readers have told me six works best for them.

Immediately place into a bowl with ice water.

Once cool enough to handle, CAREFULLY peel shell.

Place on top of hash browns, toast, salad…etc.

Slice into and enjoy!

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hard boiled eggs with a soft center over hash browns
  1. To make these:
  2. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
  3. Place desired number of eggs into boiling water.
  4. BOIL EXACTLY FOUR MINUTES!!! (or six, but I went for four) *many readers have told me six works best for them.
  5. Immediately place into a bowl with ice water.
  6. Once cool enough to handle, CAREFULLY peel shell.
  7. Place on top of hash browns, toast, salad...etc.


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  1. Ohhh, yummmmmy! The only way this could be better would be with some bacon. Thank you for your foodie obsession! =)

  2. We used to eat eggs and hash browns back when we Catholics abstained from meat on Fridays.

  3. @Laura J – you can use a 1/2 tsp of baking soda for the vinegar for the same ease of peeling.

  4. The boiling time will depend on your altitude. Higher altitudes have a lower boiling point, so it takes a little longer to cook.

  5. I was so excited to try to make these eggs for Sunday morning breakfast and had zero luck! I followed the directions above and cooked the eggs for our minutes. After peeling the first egg I took off a little more white than I wanted and was left with a perfectly cooked white on the outside and a disgusting raw mess in the middle…maybe I should’ve done 6 minutes? Good luck to anyone else that tries

  6. My grandma used to make this for me as a kid and it was sooo good! She’d tear up a piece of toast in a mug and add the egg and I’d eat it with a spoon. Mmmm! I haven’t had this in years!

  7. I tried this today, and putting the eggs into boiling water caused them to crack and leak egg whites… My usual method is to put eggs in tap water and bringing it to a boil, then taking it off the heat and letting it sit for 6 min. Works great!

  8. I tried this and I think 5 minutes boiling would’ve been perfect! They were delicious but just a bit too runny in the white.

  9. I agree with Nicolene. Starting the eggs in cool water and bringing to a boil then letting the eggs sit works best for me.

  10. I love the runny soft boiled eggs. But at 4 min they were still pretty much raw inside. Next time I would cook them for 6 min. Definitely didn’t turn out like the picture.

  11. My father used to make these for us. We put 2-4 in a coffee mug, put saltine crackers in it, mashed it up, topped with some pepper and ate it with a spoon.

  12. My dad used to make these for me all that time as a kid and now I continue to make them for my son. I think the best way to cook them is to put them in the pot with your water. Let the water with the eggs in it come to a boil. Exactly 2 min after boiling place eggs in cold water. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. You can also achieve this by using an immersion circulator (not common in most kitchens). You can set the circulator to a very precise temperature and it will result in hard boiled eggs with the yolk at varying degrees of doneness. At one temperature, you can even get the eggs to the consistency of something akin to silly putty, allowing you to mold and shape them. In my modern cooking class at school, we lumped a bunch of these yolks together, wrapped them in bacon, and seared until crispy. DELICIOUS!

  14. Just tried this, couldn’t peal it without breaking the egg, noticed the white inside was just way too runny…resorting to poaching now lol

  15. I will be trying this soon. One of the meals I was glad to find when I was young, ok talking 50s here was smoked sausage with home fries and or at least what we called soft boiled eggs broken over the potatoes, YUMM. All I can say is play with the time so it works for you, for me a tad loose white is fine. I as of this year have 8 egg laying hens and am so looking forward to collecting fresh eggs every day. I will have this all soon, just need the sausage,and the three minute egg timer, nope got that timer, just never used it, and yes it was Moms.

  16. I went with the 6 minutes. Some of the whites were still runny. But we are higher altitude. I will try 7 minutes next time.

  17. Think I would call this a pinterest fail for me. Total mess, egg whites runny and could not peel well at all…wasted 8 eggs! Oh well, my husband kindly advised it is good to get some humble cooking pie every now and then. He is now making instant oatmeal as the kids are running around like crazy wanting food!

  18. I’m sorry, you could boil them a little longer for hard boiled? For the remaining 7? Or try 6 minutes, allow to cool slightly enough to be able to peel. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. ๐Ÿ™

  19. Oh. My. Gosh! Best egg, evah! I tried your method this morning for breakfast, I had mine with toast and it was delicious. The white was perfectly cooked through without being rubbery or chewy and the yolk was warm and velvety. Perfect for dunking toast. ๐Ÿ˜€ My only gripe with this method is now I don’t think I will be happy to eat my eggs done any other way. LOL

    I live at higher altitude, just over 5000 ft. and six minutes gave me a perfect egg.

    Thank you for posting and pinning this.

  20. have u tried eggies? I bought some at store bcuz I hate peeling hard boiled eggs…no need to put in ice water making the egg get cold. I have never had a 4/6 min egg, but the pic puts my 2 fav together, the white with runny yolk…I don’t like hard boiled yolk

  21. My dad makes these every morning. He uses a butter knife and cuts the egg shell in half then uses a spoon to scoop out the egg. No peeling needed!

  22. My Mother Use To Fix Eggs For My 2 Sons…She Called Them ” Dippy Eggs ” They Would Dip Their Toast In The Yolk .YUM !!!

  23. I have made soft boiled eggs since I was a kid. You don’t need the vingar as it does nothing to the egg itself. Place eggs(from the store NOT FRESH FARM EGGS) in pot cover with water put on burner at high. DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN! When the water begins to boil set your timer for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Take the eggs off when your time goes off and immediately drain water and and fill with cold water. Peel when you handle the eggs. The yoke will be soft the white will be firm. THe reason you use store bought eggs of older farm eggs because they peel bad. You may need to extend your time to adjust how runny vs firm you prefer the yoke. Advice from 4 Home Ec teachers (Mom, 3 aunts)!

  24. I live at 9000 feet. I made one eggs this morning to try it out, YUM! My mom use to make me soft-boiled eggs when I saw sick and starting to want to eat again. I boiled the water, dropped an egg in with a wire basket (so he egg wouldn’t crack) and boiled a little over 6 minutes. I think if I did it again I would go 7 minutes. The only problem was getting the shell off…any tips their. I’m super anal about getting all shells off.

  25. First I would like to say these eggs look delicious! I am a retired Executive Chef of a 5 star hotel. Second Leilani is correct neither vinegar nor baking soda do a thing for the egg. Buying older eggs is what makes the shells peel and ice water helps too. I too put my eggs in the pan of water and then turn it on. 5-6 min is best for my taste and many others. Seriously when my mom use to make soft boiled eggs for 4 min (on never mind too gross of a tale). One more hint. If you buy eggs during the holidays to use as horderves like deviled eggs or at Easter, buy them a couple weeks ahead of time. They put out so many eggs durning this time and they are way too fresh for this purpose.

  26. I’ve never added vinegar to soft boiled eggs before. I’ll have to try it. Four minutes would be disgusting for me. I like mine cooked from 6-6.5 minutes, but I’m in a KC altitude. Your altitude DOES matter. For me, 6-6.5 minutes leaves the eggs completely firm, and the yolks sticky and loose, but not really runny. I’ve spent a lot of time mastering it. I wrote a post on how to make the perfect soft boiled eggs here:


  27. We call these medium boiled eggs. We make soft-boiled eggs, but only boil those for three minutes and serve in an egg cup. We like to take fresh bread, put on some garlic mayonnaise, sprinkle some arugula on top, and then put the medium boiled eggs on top of that. Salt and pepper. It’s divine!

  28. Had these this morning. lLoved them only problem had a hard time shelling the egg. Broke open while shelling. Next time will try the 6 monutes.

  29. I must be an odd-ball. Real odd, because I love the whites to be a bit runny as well as the yolk. I put my eggs in a pot and cover with at least 1 inch with cold tap water. Bring to a boil on medium high then count to 75 (one minute and 15 seconds). Take off the heat, dump the hot water out of the pot and run cold water over the eggs until they’re cool enough to handle. I crack the eggs like I would raw eggs and scrape out the egg with a spoon into a small bowl. Works for me all the time.

    I told you I was odd.

    Cracking open and scraping out the egg with a spoon is so much easier than trying to peel a delicate soft boiled egg. AND you’re going to break the yolk anyway to eat it. AND you can handle it long enough to crack it open even if it’s really hot. AND it doesn’t matter how fresh the egg is, where peelability (my new word for the day) depends on the age of the egg.

  30. I make these eggs most mornings. I start with cold tap water. Put the egg or eggs in the water and boil for exactly 10 minutes. Empty the hot water and add cold water. Peel, chop and put in a cup. These eggs are perfect. We call them “Eggs in a Cup”

  31. the success of peeling an egg depends on the freshness there of. the fresher the egg, the easier it is to peel. trust me, we go though a dozen of hardboiled eggs in 2 days in my house. the perfect harboiled egg is achieved by boiling the water together with eggs and then letting it stand for 15 minutes off the heat after it has come to boil. the same would go for runny eggs – I would say 5 minutes would do it.

  32. Hi Dasha, I’m sorry to say, realy fresh eggs are the most difficult to peel….when I take the eggs right from under de Hen and cook them…it will be impossible to peel without a lot of white comming of. The reason that is it takes a bit of time before the thin membrane seperates from de outer shell, better half them and spoon them out :)) Best are the ones that are older than 48 Hours…..I always store some longer, especially for boiling.
    The 4 to 6 Minute rule is a normal one for me (depending on the size, I have realy big eggs from my Amrock hens)but I don’t know why you should add vinegar?

    Kind regards from Austria.


  33. When I was a kid I would make them like this but my timer was as soon as they went in the hot water I would run to the piano and play The Marines Hymn through 1 1/2 times. They were perfect every time.

  34. Try putting a teaspoon of baking soda in the water when you boil. It helps to peel the eggs. Works wonders for us…

  35. Really, this is just a soft boiled egg. You can achieve the same results (just won’t look as “pretty”) by cracking the egg and placing it straight into the boiling water…creating a poached egg.

  36. I boiled the eggs for 6 minuets-it looked like the yolk was just starting to harden. I think I will try 4 minutes next time. I didn’t use any white vinegar, just salt when boiling and I had no trouble peeling the shell. This was so easy and so delicious! Thank you!

  37. The timing of the soft/medium boiled egg can be tricky…but so worth it if it’s right! 4-5 minutes is usually good. We put ours in egg cups and serve with toast sticks…we used to call them “dip-dip eggs” when we were kids. If you use a push-pin and poke a tiny hole thru the shell at end of the egg, it will help prevent the shell from cracking during cooking.

  38. Made these this morning. Followed directions but boiled for 4.5 minutes. Had ice water ready and scooped them out of the pan into the water bath. Within about a minute or less, I could pick them up. Struck them on the bottom and carefully located the membrane and worked under to easily peel the egg. They were perfect and my husband said they were the best eggs he has eaten. After peeling mine and before putting on toast, I put them back into the pot with the hot water that they were cooked in to warm them up a bit.

  39. I had to tell you that this saved eggs for me!! I was in such an egg rut and this just obliterated it!
    I cook mine for 6 minutes and they’re absolutely perfect. The first time i tried these I had a hard time peeling them, but now I can get them peeled in no time! Even my 6 year old son can peel these. Amazing!

  40. This were the style of eggs my mom made us growing up for breakfast all the time and these are still my ultimate favorite. I make them all the time and I use 6 minutes. We call them runny eggs. mmmm soo good…served on an english muffin.

  41. Omgosh!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for doing the grunt work for this because it is AMAAAAAAZING!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been trying to figure this out as well since seeing a pic of it and it turned out perfect!

  42. Ok, i’m dutch and this is how most of us eat an egg. It’s just an softboiled egg. Try to make a hole in the eggshel at the wide side of the egg. We have special hole-making devices for this. A needle or a pin or a sharp knife will do the trick. Th egg won’t crack (well most of the time it won’t). getting them at room temparature before boiling also helps. You’ll have to find out by trial and error how long to boil an egg, a bigger egg takes longer.
    You can save thes soft boiled eggs in the fridge,up to 5 days.

  43. My mom always made these for us growing up. They’re still just soft boiled eggs. I love them but hate having any runny whites. I use large or jumbo eggs and boil for 6 and a half minutes. The trick to keep them from cracking when you put them in the water is to use a slotted spoon to lower them in gently. You don’t need vinegar, just don’t use super fresh eggs. Fresh eggs are always harder to peel. I put the egg in a bowl, slice it up with a little butter and dip my toast in it. Yum! My kids now love it too!

  44. You know what REALLY works well – FIVE minutes. Four is too little, 6 cooks yolks hard. It’s called a soft boiled egg – and people have been doing this for DECADES!

    Vinegar is NOT necessary unless you’re going to make hard boiled eggs and store them which helps prevent the yolk from turning green.

  45. We have 15 chickens and can take an egg right out from under the chicken, boil it, then try to shell it and it doesn’t come off clean. It peels hunks of egg off with the shell, so no, age of the egg has nothing to do with being able to peel it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a tad bit of info.

  46. Buy a can of corned beef hash and take serving spoon sized scoops of it for each egg. Put the hash on a plate and heat the hash in the microwave while egg is cooking and then put the peeled egg on top of each serving of hash. This is so delicious!Or you could make patties out of the hash and fry it before putting the peeled egg on top. Yumm-o!

  47. Siobhan – I think that was the point most were making in this thread. The fresher the eggs, the harder they are to peel.

    I will definitely be trying this idea to see how it turns out. Never heard of this before so it will be new for me. Generally to have eggs like this I just make sunny side up. This will be an interesting twist.

  48. For all of you that commented this is just a soft boiled egg, or have you ever heard of a soft boiled egg. that’s probably why the title of her post is “peeled soft boiled eggs” smh

  49. For all of you that commented this is just a soft boiled egg, or have you ever heard of a soft boiled egg. that’s probably why the title of her post is “peeled soft boiled eggs” smh Now I am going to go make myself some eggs ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Found you on pinterest and im finally able to pull off a soft yolk egg. 7 mins worked best for me (nd) and i put the eggs in the water on a high boil w/a splash of white vinegar (with the help of a spoon so i didnt break the eggs) perfect! They were fresh eggs and i had no problems peeling them at all so i think it helps with the added vinegar. Thank you

  51. Found this post on pinterest and im finally able to pull off a soft yolk egg. 7 mins worked best for me (nd) and i put the eggs in the water on a high boil w/a splash of white vinegar (with the help of a spoon so i didnt break the eggs) perfect! They were fresh eggs and i had no problems peeling them at all so i think it helps with the added vinegar. Thank you

  52. It is not surprising that younger people haven’t heard of soft boiled. Most people just don’t make them. I usually make poached, but I end up wasting some of the white. I tried your recipe and thank you. Everything was great, but I was chicken and went for 6 minutes – not soft enough, so I’ll try your 4minutes next time!:)

  53. These sound great; I’ve always hated soft-boiled eggs, but very much like hard-biled; love them fried sunny-side up (that wonderful runny yolk but cooked whites) so this particular egg-cooking method looks as if it will answer both needs (completely cooked white, runny yolk).

    Thanks for pinning it!

  54. I think the time has to do with the size of the egg. I cooked some large eggs for 5 min and they were perfect. Then I tried it again with jumbo eggs for 5 min and the whites were slimy and under cooked. I did another round at 6 min because I HATE runny whites and they were perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. I saw this pinned in Pinterest and it looked like the absolutely perfect thing to serve on top of my smashed peas with feta, lemon and mint in lieu of the less attractive poached option. Since there’s debate over technique, here’s mine: I used a very large, older egg, left out of the fridge to warm to room temperature before cooking. Placed into boiling water (nothing added) for 5.5 minutes, then straight into a bowl of iced water for two minutes before peeling. Shell came away easily and the egg was perfectly cooked (to my liking)–firmly cooked white with a ‘thick’ runny yolk (ie slightly gelatinous–but oozes out rather than runs). Brilliant! Thanks for the reminder about soft boiling!

  56. I hard boil my eggs, after boiling, place in ice water. When ok to touch, dry them off, place in zip lock. When u want a soft boiled egg, take egg out of bag. Peel, I use a coffee mug. Cut egg up in mug, put 2 tbls. Cold water, put in micro, covered with damp paper towl, heat one or two eggs for, approx. One and half min, mabe a tad less, take out of micro add butter or flax seed oil, to taste. I eat out of mug or put on toast. Yyyumm.

  57. I’m going to have to try this. I’m sure size of egg, length of time & microwave wattage all are in play to make this come out the way I’d like it. Just like the photo with the white done & a beautiful runny yolk. When I make hard boiled eggs I place in cold water, bring to a boil, turn off the fire & cover for 10 minutes. They turn out with beautiful yellow yolks & no green. Of course you have to put them in ice water before peeling. It helps release the membrane so they peel easily. I don’t know if adding salt or vinegar helps. I’ve added salt but never can tell the difference. I can’t really see how it would anyway. Older eggs work the best. New eggs never peel easily.

  58. Hi, my eggs hard boiled than ice, also come out yellow no green. The piece, to seem the same as soft boiled before micro, add one and half tbls. Water. You cannot tell the diferance. Unless your cooking for a queen or king. Please donht be upset with me. I love ya, and maybe just try, by by.

  59. I’m a grandmother and I’ve been eating and cooking soft boiled eggs all my life. Timing is a matter of personal preference, but peeling isn’t necessary. Just take a knife and whack the egg through the middle, then scoop out the contents into your bowl. I always scoop mine onto a torn up slice of buttered bread. That’s the way my own mom served them to me.

  60. I just made these for my husband an I. They were fantastic. We live at a lower altitude (200ft) and boiling 6 and 1/2 minutes worked for me. No runny white at all but the yellow was ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. I have made these for years. I don’t use vinegar. I just bring the eggs to a boil with the egg in the water from the beginning (straight from the fridge) and once it comes to a boil I time it for 3 minutes. Fresh eggs may need the vinegar to make it easy to peel, but the older the egg is the easier it will be to peel naturally. But I also like to whack them in half and scoop them out. It’s easier and faster than peeling. I like them mashed up with a little butter, salt, and pepper.

  62. This is the only way I eat boiled eggs and I’ve come up with a super easy way of peeling them.

    I have a magical tool to peel eggs: a dessert spoon!

    After boiling (I never used vinegar), I let them cool enough to handle in cold water. Then I crack the shell all over with the back of a spoon and remove the bottom part of it (where there usually is a little pocket of air). At this point I run water over them for a second, this way a little bit of water works its way between the membrabe and the egg, making it easier to peel away. Then I carefully work the tip of the spoon under the membrane, separating it from the egg. This is so much easier than trying to peel it by hand, because the curvature of the spoon is a perfect fit to go around the egg withoug taking out chunks of it.

    By the way, I don’t think age of the egg has anything to do with being able to peel it, because I find no difference between store bought and garden picked eggs.

  63. I don’t use vinegar. I heard it was to keep the whites from running into the water if the shells crack. Just poke a hole in the broad end of the egg with a pin. Keeps them from cracking and peeling is a cinch! I take my eggs right out of the fridge and dunk them for 6 1/2 minutes. Salted watwr will flavor the eggs a bit. A little wat

  64. Just made for dinner and looooooved! I’m a big fan of poached eggs and found this to be easier. Boiled for 5.5 minutes and in ice water for 1.5 cracked over toast, perfect!!! No runny white! Will make often! My son liked itntoo! Thank you!!

  65. This is calle “Poaching “.Place toasted English muffins on platter and then ham or bacon then the poached egg. Cover with Hollandaise Sauce.This is Eggs Benedict my way.When you break the eggyolk it makes a wonderful rich sauce combined with the Hollandaise Sauce.

  66. I make these all the time and call them soft boiled eggs. I usually make 2 at a time and when the water comes to a full boil I boil them for 3 minutes and then I crack them in half against a bowl and scoop them out of the shell and add salt and pepper. I love soft boiled eggs.

  67. My 8 year old is a science fanatic and when I saw this on Pinterest, then read through the comments, I knew we had a great experiment on our hands. We took a dozen fresh eggs, and divided them into four groups. We boiled the first 3 that day. One in plain water, one with vinegar, one with baking soda. We followed your technique. None of the eggs peeled easily.

    Three days later, we repeated the process with our second batch. We found the egg boiled in baking soda peeled easiest, but the vinegar egg had less divots than the plain water egg.

    Another three days later, we did another batch, but the vinegar and baking soda eggs had easier peeling.

    You guessed it; three days later we boiled the last batch. The plain water egg peeled easier than any of the other plain water eggs, but the baking soda and vinegar eggs practically slipped out of their shells.

    My daughter’s theory is that both the age of the eggs and the addition of baking soda or vinegar will affect the peeling of the eggs. She’s decided to do another experiment to determine perfect cooking times/methods. She is so excited, because it combines her love of science and cooking – now if we can just find a way to turn this into a Girl Scout badge!

    All this to say thank you all for the inspiration. It’s been a fantastic experience and a really great illustration of all the benefits of the internet community!

  68. Donna on it, softboiled eggs or the famed 3 minute egg. Those hour glass 3 minute timers are for just that purpose. For me best over home fries with smoked sausage on the side.

  69. Using vinegar prevent the whites from seeping out if the shell cracks a bit. When you boil eggs using this method make certain that the eggs are not cold out of the fridge. You’ll want to let them get as close to room temp as possible. When you put a cold egg into boiling water it causes the shell to crack and ooze out. If you want eggs to peel nicely use eggs that are smooth … not rough. The older the egg the easier they peel.

  70. I try to get all the groceries I need for the week on Sundays. If I have eggs leftover on Saturdays I soft-boil a couple for breakfast and hard-boil the rest. If you ever have trouble peeling boiled eggs they just are too fresh. Eggs need to be about a week old before they are ready to prepare in this way. To make them easy to peel, tap to make a crack and then roll the cracked egg on a counter to break up the rest of the shell. They practically roll out of the shells when you start peeling.

  71. I have been making these for years, but best advice I got was to put the eggs into COLD water and bring to a boil. If you put a cold egg into boiling water it will crack (same if you’ve ever done this with a glass). Start timing your 4 minutes the second the water begins to boil/roll. Makes for a perfect egg and no cracking and egg whites seeping out.

  72. I can’t believe there are this many people who have not heard of soft boiled eggs before … you know the same as hard boiled only cooked a bit less. This is why the egg cup was invented, to hold it up so you can dip your toast in it and not have your precious soft yolk (liquid gold) run all over your plate and get wasted. So whether you are eating it in a cup or peeling the whole thing to put on top of your hash browns it is still a soft boiled egg. For easy peeling crack the cooked egg all over to let the water seep in between the shell and the egg. Older eggs peel easier than new ones. And where you live (altitude wise) will determine the PRECIS cooking time, you have to experiment. I cook mine for exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds then plunge them in cold water to stop the cooking. This is for a room temperature egg being plunged into already boiling water. If you start with cold eggs in cold water the time obviously will be longer.

  73. My mom used to make soft-boiled eggs and then mix them with broken saltine crackers. Sounds strange – but extremely yummy!

  74. Funny how people think there is no need for primer level recipes. Do you heckle kids learning to read, ‘never heard of the alphabet before?’ Yes, soft boiled egg. Yes, some human beings didn’t grow up being served this and need the recipe for it. I for one am thankful to have read the discussion on age of egg and vinegar/baking soda. I grew up with this and have never had success making them on my own.

  75. I’m from a German family. This like a weekend staple. Mom just dropped them in and brought it to boil and let them set for three min. Served each egg in its little stool with buttered toast in slices. We’d crack just the top open and peel it away, stir up the runny yolk and soft white and add a drop or two of magi sauce. Dip the butter toast in it or your bacon…sooooo good!

  76. If you poke a hole with a push pin in the top of the egg before putting it in the boiling water it will help make the shell come off way easier. i know its sounds strange but trust me it works!

  77. “to go” breakfast for my family is a mug with grits in the bottom, soft boiled egg next, strip of bacon on top of egg and a biscuit on top of bacon. This is a full breakfast!

  78. Absolutely Scrumptious! I boiled them for 6 mins and they were perfection! Whites weren’t runny one bit and the yolk was hot and delicious! Yuuuum! Never had these before and I’ll NEVER make hard boiled eggs again!

  79. I’m always so afraid the white will not be cooked thru. I will get nauseated form seeing a runny white on my plate
    I’m not very good at making eggs either where the yolk is runny but the white are cooked. Guess
    I’ll try this pretty egg!

  80. I have to make these. I’ve been making gas light eggs with the yellow runny. And it is so good. Never tried it with the hash browns. Looks yummy.

  81. Thank you so much for this–perfect. I do choose to do 5.5 minutes just because I like the thickness of the yolk but I thank you for saving me from having to figure this out!!!

  82. Skip the vinegar- use a little baking soda! I do this with my hard boiled eggs and they peel like a dream!! I like my eggs runny, but not the whites so if your looking for just runny yolk do 6 minutes; whites runny too do 4-5. I would also recommend not putting the eggs ice water, but lukewarm-cool water- as ice water cools them soo quickly you’ll like miss the window of having a warm egg at all.

  83. I did this on accident the other day. I normally boil my eggs for 5 minutes then let them sit in the boiling water anther 3-4 minutes. Well, this time I boils my normal 5 minutes but didn’t have the time to let them sit. I began running cool water over them and peeled when my hands could handle the eggs. They were delicious!

  84. Well here’s my version of cooking my soft boiled eggs and I’ve been doing it for many years like this. Room temp eggs in boiling water (room temp so don’t crack so easy) I put them in easy with a spoon. Don’t roll the boil cause the eggs will crack also from bouncing around, just a nice low boil. I boil them 5 minutes then quickly run cold running tap water over them while there still in the pot for several minutes (“shocking” is the term) then I start to peel them one by one under a little running water. It is important to get a good peel started. Crack egg slightly and when you start the peel make sure you peel that thin membrane along with the shell with your thumb. If you don’t, you will not have a nice looking egg. ( you will need to spoon it out with a small spoon, forget peeling the rest of it)

  85. A childood breakfast treat, soft- boiled eggs (5 min) in a cup with buttered toast squares. I also love a soft-boiled egg served over asparagus with a slice of prosciutto drizzled with balsamic…

  86. A childhood breakfast treat, soft- boiled egg served in a cup with buttered toast squares ( our perfect egg was five minutes). An adult favorite is soft-boiled egg served over roasted asparagus with a slice of prosciutto, a few croutons and drizzled with balsamic….

  87. looks beyond delicious. I will test these out tomorrow.

    After reading some of the reviews I decided that a test run to find our preference for done-ness and for any altitude will probably be a wise idea. I will do this by taking four eggs and cooking them according to the directions, then remove eggs at one minute intervals. (4 min., 5 min., 6min., ect.). I feel this will afford me less whole pan mistakes and frustration.

    Breakfast tomorrow morning will be a crispy English muffin to collect the golden goodness and some thinly sliced ham to set it off, a small side of hashbrowns with with the second egg draped over it. yum.

  88. I have like zero elevation. I thought that what you had said was 5 to 7 min but there was WAY TOO MUCH runnyโ€ฆ I think I’m going to go 8, 9, 10 minutes away

  89. After becoming tired of trying to be accurate with the timing, for some reason I put the raw eggs in a pan of cold water, covering the eggs, turned on the flame and let it go for 10 minutes. Poured out hot water and put in cold. Gently cracked and peeled eggs under cool running water. They are perfect every time.

  90. Tried this. Worked pretty well. Did 6 minutes. Whites fairly fairly firm. Had some challenges peeling. Will do this again. Thanks.

    Over an English muffin, Boston lettuce, chopped onion, and a garnish of salt, pepper, dried cilantro and sweet basil.

    Will do this again

  91. Been eating soft boiled eggs all my life. I’m 68 and it’s one of my comfort foods. Tear up toast, put 2 soft boil eggs on to and toss. It’s the best.
    Makes me want some right now.


  93. I, too, find the holier-than-thou comments interesting. I’m 45 yrs old and consider myself a pretty decent home cook. Raised making HB eggs and fried eggs with a runny center/NO runny white (over medium?? We were never taught terminology for them…) and I had never seen or heard of these. Life is about constantly learning…and about not putting others down because you learned something before they did. Lecturing aside, we are now in LOVE! After abt 30-45 min of experimenting with one egg at a time you will get your perfect timing. We are in Central Michigan; for me, it’s XL cold eggs into cold water for 3.5 min starting JUST as the water begins to boil and keeping it at a gentle boil instead of a full roll. Nice easy breakfast! Thank you!

  94. My mom used to make these. We always called them Egg In A Cup. When they were done cooking she would take a butter knife, cut the egg in half and scoop out the egg, chop it up in a cup and add butter, salt and pepper. Will make some tomorrow. I’ll have to ask her how long she cooked them for. I’m thinking it was 5 minutes.

  95. I good way to make sure the shell comes off easy is to use older eggs such as 2 weeks after you buy them. Still good with no difference in taste.

  96. Sorry, but these *are* soft-boiled eggs. It doesn’t matter that they’re not served in an egg cup. Pizza is still pizza whether you serve it on a plate or on a napkin.

    Also — its* golden goodness. “It’s” is a contraction and means “it is.”

  97. My grandparents made this for me when I was young. Soft boiled eggs stir in a tablespoon of butter and a dash of vinegar. All by itself.

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