#summerdessertweek: baby blueberry cobblers

blueberry cobblers… had babies. And, these portion control cuties are all you need after a summer meal of lobster rolls or shrimp stuffed avocados. I love food in miniature… first of all, you don’t have to dirty up an extra dish to serve up, and- one less dish is always a good thing. My camera batteries were dead when I was preparing this so I had to utilize the phone for the images, and it was pretty aggrivationg since I had just charged them both the day before. #newworldproblems But, I’m not going to fret or complain about batteries, cameras […]

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New Years, 2017


This photo was snapped New Years day, 2017. It’s my daughter, at sunrise on St Augustine beach. Of course, St Augustine is not our home… we were visiting in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. Ten years. So, our mini vacation consisted of a beach sunrise, and lots of delicious nibbles here and there…. Of course, we had to stop at the macaroon shop…   And, we wondered why the girl at the counter decided to crush one of the macaroons in order to fit them in the bag, they were delicious nonetheless. Do you see that sign? DOLE WHIP! […]

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Thanksgiving Heroes

This Thanksgiving, as we embrace the calm after the storm of the presidential election, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on the things we are thankful for; aside from the standard of the individual “inner circle” of blessings, it’s time to reflect on the other people and things we are thankful for. Especially now. Our country is in a state of division; although there was a time, many years ago that we were completely united, we clung to one another and cheered each other on. That wasn’t that long ago. We embraced the first responders, we embraced […]

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