sparking wine and glitter

citrus sparkler

Note: This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed are my own. This time of year, I tend to see random flecks of glitter…. everywhere. Be it that I have little girls, and nowadays it seems like all the clothing is embedded with glitter, and,  that every holiday card I get in the mail has glitter, and be it that most of my ornaments sparkle with… you guessed it: glitter. So: I’m not surprised when I glance in the mirror to fine glittery specks on my forehead. I’m convinced there is a glitter elf that sprinkles glitter on my […]

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You can’t buy Christmas

Life lately has been full of promise. Promises once  forgotten, and promises fulfilled . Hope for the future and excitement glittering in the background, despite a darkening world. And, as dark as this world can be, it’s necessary to look for the bright spots that are still there, flickering quietly. Christmas is different this year. My gift list has gotten smaller, and the moments are getting bigger. Because this year is not about stuff, it’s not about fighting for a good deal, it’s not about getting the perfect gift to somehow attempt to win over those distant relatives  that really […]

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Thanksgiving wrap up!

I have to admit something: I’m a terrible food blogger. While  other food bloggers are prepping for Thanksgiving posts in the summer, I’m in full summer mode and simply cannot bring myself to make and photograph a Thanksgiving meal in 96F heat. And, every Thanksgiving, I intend to get great food shots and use them to post *on time* next year. However, every year I get caught in the actual  holiday.. cooking, the parade, spending time with friends and family, sipping wine,  and honestly: I don’t want to spend an hour getting the perfect shot and eat cold food. (sipping […]

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