#summerdessertweek cherry vanilla tart

cherry vanilla tart

Disclaimer: I was compensated with free product for participating in #summerdessert week, however, the opinions expressed are my own It’s day two of summer dessert week, and I have for you a delicate little tart, studded with black cherries and baked in a velvety vanilla custard. I also got the chance to try out my sweet little OXO cherry pitter. I’m amazed I never owned one before…. If you want one of your own, you can find it here.I had recieved some Adam’s Vanilla to try, and it was absolutly perfect for this recipe. custard is poured into a pre-baked […]

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#summerdessertweek: no bake coconut key lime pie

coconut key lime pie

This post and recipe was created for #SummerDessertWeek! I was sent samples by some of the sponsor companies but as always opinions are 100% mine.     Welcome to the first #SummerDessertWeek event hosted by Angie from Big Bear’s Wife. We’re so glad that you’ve joined us for this week long event of desserts and giveaways. You’re going to love what we have in store for you. There are 25 amazing bloggers participating in this year’s event! Throughout the week we’ll be share tons of fantastic summer dessert recipes with you. With over 70 recipes being shared this week we […]

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spiced apple tart

My daughter and I made this during our study of France, while working on  our Five In A Row unit of Madeline. We also made a Swiss, ham and leek quiche, French Onion soup, and crouque mosuiers, which I will share with you soon. But, today I’m sharing this with you. Most of you may not be familiar with Five In A Row, so I will quickly summarize that ; basically it’s a curriculum based off of children’s books.  You read the book for five days in a row, and on each day you study different components related to the […]

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chocolate mint chiffon pie

This was a recipe I created for Florida Dairy Farmers, and it’s the perfect Springtime dessert, (or, almost Spring-at least) It’s fluffy and minty, and has a chocolate cookie crust that balances the creamy mint filling like nothing else… I created this recipe specifically for St Patricks day, it’s green, it’s the ideal dessert after you feast on Corned Beef and cabbage…or Irish stew, or Guiness Flank Steak. You catch my drift… 🙂 For the complete recipe, head over to Florida Dairy Farmers website- they even have a kids section, you you can entertain the toddler on your lap, too.

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pecan pie bars

I’m a fan of desserts that you don’t have to dirty dishes to eat. Ones you can grab with a napkin and nibble on as your favorite Charlie Brown special is on the T.V. Yes, Charlie Brown. He’s the man. I’m also a fan of buttery pecans in a caramel base with just a hint of bourbon. Because, when you bake.. booze makes it better -in certain things: Rum in Banana Bread, Bourbon in Pecan bars. The alcohol bakes out, and all that’s left is a hint of a rich buttery unexplainable flavor. It’s divine. You may wonder if I […]

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