banana dogs

banana dogs~(n) The total opposite of a hot dog.

Oh boy your kids will love these.

I won’t lie. I love them just as much.

Because food should be yummy and fun even if you’re over 30.

Speaking of fun food, I am sooo glad they don’t card you when you buy kids’ food.

Yes, I’m a mom so I can get away with it, but… when I am 90, I’m still going to want a Pop tart or something once in a while. Cravings, you know.

I don’t need to tell you how to make this.  You guys are smart.

You could even tine the peanut butter yellow. But, I’m pretty sure tan and yellow will look gross.

Like blue ketchup. Ewww.

Whoops, the adult in me is coming out.

Note the milk in the background. That makes it “part of a completer breakfast”. ;)

Of course, the paper napkin makes it proper.

Sort of.

Surprise someone with this for lunch over the weekend, and watch a smile happen.

Have a wonderful day!


28 thoughts on “banana dogs”

  1. Great idea! So super cute! My husband will love this!

    BTW, my mom did something similar when I was a kid that she said her mom did in the Philippines. She would split open a banana, spread mayonnaise on it, and then sprinkle on some peanuts (and sugar if desired). Sounds weird, but it’s similar to peanut butter and banana!

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