a chile and a spoon



Dark chocolate…oh yes…


And chile? Heck, yes.

Offset that with a delicate vanilla almond and you’ll know what I mean.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I was presented with a box of dried chilies and a challenge to create something with them, from a lovely food company, Marx foods. The catch? It has to be eaten with a spoon.


Sure, there’s soup, chilli, stews and other savories…but, I decided to try the newest trend with chilies. Chile and chocolate. And, I decided that those two flavors needed a mediator to join them. Who was the lucky mediator? Why, cinnamon of course.

And, since I’m a busy mama and just went through Thanksgiving- I went “sorta-homemade”…the outcome?

You have to try this-it’s that good.

Layers of a vanilla-almond pudding with alternate layers of dark chocolate cinnamon chile pudding.

And yes, you eat it with a spoon.

And, I made it partially from a mix. Doctored up, of course.

But, first let me explain what in the heck to do with dried chilies:

First: Remove the seeds Second: Soak in boiling water for an hour Third: Puree it.

Now take a box of puddin’ mix. Not instant. Dark chocolate.

Add 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

Measure out the milk for the puddin’, BUT- omit 3 tablespoons. Why? Because you will be adding 3 tablespoons of this:

Add them to the puddin’ you’re cooking and stir them in to melt.

Just as the puddin’ is ready to be removed from the heat, stir in this:

1 tablespoon guajillo chile paste mixed with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Guajillo chilies are a mild chile, with a fruity-almost sweet heat. Like a spicy cinnamon.

My box had hotter chilies….but- I wanted something that was friendly to my little one’s taste buds.

But, don’t worry- I have plans for those spicy guys.

Now, for the vanilla almond layers, which are optional- I used instant vanilla pudding with 2 teaspoons almond extract. Alternate the layers in clear glasses.  Honestly, that chocolate is so good- you can skip the vanilla. But if you want to get all Martha fancy-pants, go for it. It does look pretty layered like that. 😉

Yes, I did mention this is a “challenge” and I up to win some yummy foodie gifts, so- if you liked my little puddin’ creation, show some love an d give a vote. As soon as the voting link is up, I will put it right HERE. Have an awesome day.

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  1. Oh my…..these looks wonderful. I’ve been putting chilies into everything lately, but I see I’ve missed paring it up with chocolate. 😉 Dark yummy yummy chocolate.

  2. You’re a woman after my own heart. I created a chocolate and chile recipe for this challenge too! This is a great recipe and one I definitely will try. I wish you the best of luck in the challenge!

  3. Wow, this sounds lovely! I’ve been thinking I’ll do one of everyone’s recipes from the challenge to use up my chilies! This may be first.

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