dinner and a drink, #steviva #sweetandeasy

Mexican flatbread pizza

I was recently allowed to opportunity to participate in the Steviva Brands Sweeteners Blogger Recipe Challenge. Of course, I accepted the challenge before a few big unexpected  events in our  life happened; a hurricane and a newborn baby. Life has a way of saying “surprise” at just the precise time. And, during the time of  chaos and construction, my mind was whirling with recipe ideas. Then, our power came back and it was testing and tasting…. and now: I have for you,  my friends: dinner and a drink. There’s dessert, too. But that’s another post. Let’s talk taco. Let’s talk […]

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san fransisco rice and other hot messes


Hello there, carby, starchy side dish. Who ever thought of combining pasta and rice? It’s kind of like combining soup and stew. But; manohman it sure is tasty. I made this the other week when we were “rowing” our Five In A Row book of Grandfather’s Journey. In the book, the chronicles of an old Japanese man are recorded as he spends lots of time in San Fransisco and Japan.  The unit study also has a cookbook to go along with each book, so I decided to make the “San Fransisco Rice” recipe. Yes, it’s like Rice-A-Roni™, aka “The San Fransisco […]

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happy taco tuesday!


Happy Taco Tuesday! Who-ever thought of food theme days, thank you. It helps us figure out dinner ideas when we are to tired to think. And, I know it’s been awhile since I have posted. Things have been happening, and y’all are way overdo for some updates. So: grab your beverage of choice (I’m currently loving Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice coffee pods) and let’s chat, shall we? IRMA This photo sums up my Irma experience: Yes,  we had a visit from Irma (I’m in southeast Florida) and she left a mess of downed trees and powerlines, debris, and loss of […]

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#summerdessertweek: baby blueberry cobblers

blueberry cobblers… had babies. And, these portion control cuties are all you need after a summer meal of lobster rolls or shrimp stuffed avocados. I love food in miniature… first of all, you don’t have to dirty up an extra dish to serve up, and- one less dish is always a good thing. My camera batteries were dead when I was preparing this so I had to utilize the phone for the images, and it was pretty aggrivationg since I had just charged them both the day before. #newworldproblems But, I’m not going to fret or complain about batteries, cameras […]

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#summerdessertweek frozen fruit cupcakes

frozen fruit paleo cupcakes

Let’s face it: I am crazy. Not instututionalize crazy; but… pretty crazy to take on #summerdessertweek and add another child to our family days before. And, as much as I would love to be one of those bloggers that write out content weeks before, I am more one of those who’s lucky to be a day or two ahead. Truth be told. So, most of y’all know about us enarging our tent, but if you don’t .. I will help you out: I’m a foster mommy. There are times when I have anywhere from 1-3 kids in tow  24/7 for […]

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#summerdessertweek cherry vanilla tart

cherry vanilla tart

Disclaimer: I was compensated with free product for participating in #summerdessert week, however, the opinions expressed are my own It’s day two of summer dessert week, and I have for you a delicate little tart, studded with black cherries and baked in a velvety vanilla custard. I also got the chance to try out my sweet little OXO cherry pitter. I’m amazed I never owned one before…. If you want one of your own, you can find it here.I had recieved some Adam’s Vanilla to try, and it was absolutly perfect for this recipe. custard is poured into a pre-baked […]

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#summerdessertweek: no bake coconut key lime pie

coconut key lime pie

This post and recipe was created for #SummerDessertWeek! I was sent samples by some of the sponsor companies but as always opinions are 100% mine.     Welcome to the first #SummerDessertWeek event hosted by Angie from Big Bear’s Wife. We’re so glad that you’ve joined us for this week long event of desserts and giveaways. You’re going to love what we have in store for you. There are 25 amazing bloggers participating in this year’s event! Throughout the week we’ll be share tons of fantastic summer dessert recipes with you. With over 70 recipes being shared this week we […]

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lobster rolls and summer 101

lobster rolls

Lobster Rolls: quintessntial summertime-beachy food. You know how some foods relate to seasons and situations? For instance; pumpkin spice and Fall, peppermint and Winter? For me; summertime has a slew of flavors , from the sweet summer fruit in season to buttery salty lobster rolls, and refreshing  sweet sun tea and lemonade. The inspiration to make these came from a children’s book, “Night Of The Moonjellies” – it’s a beautifully written memoir of a boy growing up at his family’s seaside restaurant. Decriptive  food words fill the book: crispy, crackling, buttery, sweet… just to name a few.  It was part […]

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enlarging our tent


Over the past year, our family has gone through many changes, the death of a family member, and the addition of several more.  As life itself metaphors us into different  seasons, so we grow and change with them. We shudder through the cold dark periods of life and death and look ahead to the newness of springtime and rebirth.  We say goodbye, and wave hello.. Almost a year ago, my husband and I became licensed foster parents. During that time we have welcomed seven  eight kids into our home, ( not all at once,of course!)  Some were actual placements, where […]

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cajun boiled peanuts

homemade boiled peanuts

Boiled peanuts are a Southern thing, or so I am told. I know nothing different than boiled peanuts. Sure, there are roasted, salted, honey roasted and candied. But: I know boiled. Raw “green” peanuts  boiled in a spicy, salty broth… Cooked peanuts take on a different texture than traditional roasted; they are nutty and meaty, almost like a bean but not as mealy. And, fun to eat, like Edamame. Sometimes; food you have to work at tastes better…. for instance: Seafood. Crab legs, lobster, peel and eat shrimp… Candy. Tootsie pops, blow pops…. And: seeds and nuts: pistachios, sunflower seeds, […]

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corn dog muffins

corn dog bites

Your kids will love these. Don’t have kids? That’s okay… you will love them, too. You don’t love them? That’s okay, too… your dog will be in heaven. No dog? Your cat will paw at it, chase it and eventually eat it on your pillow at 3:42 am. And, probably puke at 4:21am. Because cats puke sometimes. No cat? My goodness… get a Tegu. They eat anything. But, chances are, there won’t be leftovers for your pets. Heck, there might not be any left for your kid, for that matter. Shhhh…. make these in the middle of the night, and […]

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festivals and fair days

Our local fair comes into town every January. When I was a kid, my mom would tell the school that my sister and I had a dental appointment, and pull us out early. In our lunch boxes on “fair day” she would place a tiny note, with a happy face and a ferris wheel picture… and we would excitedly wait in class for the school secretary to come pull us from our class, for our “dental appointment”. As I grew up,  the days of going to the fair with my mom and sister ceased, and I began to prefer the […]

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homemade spaghetti Os

homemade spaghetti Os

Spaghetti-O’™s are one of those quintessential american kid food. Up there with mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and of course, PB&J. Unfortunately, so many “kids foods” are laden with… well, crap. I’m not a fan of entire meals from a box or a can, and I really try to create from scratch whenever possible. But: there are somethings that are close to impossible to recreate. For example: Spaghetti O’s ™ Because, if you ever look closely, they have three different sized O’s. So…. it has taken me 5 years to re create this perfectly. 5 years hunting down the […]

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Meatless Monday: Smothered Burritos

smothered burritos

 These are what’s for dinner tonight. Vegetarian burritos, smothered in a spicy tomato and green chile sauce and gooey melted cheese. This meal will make you look forward to leftovers, too- because it makes a lot. You’re welcome. Two dinners in one, woo-hoo.    I realize there is a lot of Latin foods here. I just showed y’all homemade tortillas, there’s tamales, and I am pretty sure there will be a post with black beans here shortly. But, remember: I was born and raised (and still living) in south Florida, with lots of Latin influence. So: these are part of […]

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homemade tortillas


There is something about making homemade tortillas. Something that goes beyond the food aspect of it. Maybe ….it’s because right now in our homeschool  I’m teaching a period of history that is before the discovery of baking powder, yeast or other leavening. Most cooking was done by the meal, and over an open fire.  Maybe…. it’s because there is something about adding water to flour and somehow, a bread like product is produced once you roll it and heat it on a cast iron skillet. Maybe…. it’s because it takes me back to ancient times, where life was more simple […]

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